Tutorials at ICSC 2009

Several Tutorials are now available at the 4th International Conference on Spatial Cognition: Spatial Cognition and Action (ICSC 2009), to take place in Rome, Italy, 14-19 September 2009.
Tutorials are 2-hours sessions in which international experts of spatial cognition are available to freely discuss with registered participants.

Registration for Tutorials is independent from the Conference registration (€ 30,00 per Tutorial). However, discount of 50% is offered for participants registered to ICSC Conference (€ 15,00 per Tutorial) within the early-registration period (until May 5 2009). After May 5 2009 cost for registered participants will be € 20,00 per Tutorial. Further information about registering for Tutorials is available through the Conference website at: www.icsc-rome.it

The following Tutorials are available at ICSC 2009:

Analogy and structure-mapping in spatial learning
By: Dedre Gentner (Northwestern University) – Curriculum

Promoting motor responses in persons with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities through technology-based programs
By: Giulio Lancioni (University of Bari) – Curriculum

Exogenous vs. endogenous spatial orienting
By: Juan Lupiañez (University of Granada) – Curriculum

Functional neuroimaging of spatial attention
By: Emiliano Macaluso (Santa Lucia Foundation) – Curriculum

Remembering where you have been helps remembering what you have done: the shared neuro-cognitive basis between spatial and episodic memory
By: Albert Postma (University of Utrecht) – Curriculum

Using a Mixed Methods Research Design
By: Marcia Scherer (University of Rochester) – Curriculum

Understanding events, space and action: The role of segmentation and grouping
By: Thomas F. Shipley (Temple University) – Curriculum

Spaces of Thought
By: Barbara Tversky (Stanford University, USA) – Curriculum