General Informations


Suggested topic areas (alphabetically-ordered) are:

  • Aging and spatial cognition
  • Assistive technologies for spatial cognition
  • Auditory space processing
  • Environmental architecture, engineering, psychology
  • Expertise in motor behaviour
  • Geographic information systems and cognition
  • Multisensory integration of spatial information
  • Music and Space
  • Natural languages and conceptualization of space
  • Neuropsychology of space
  • Space and consciousness
  • Space processing and motor behavior in humans and robots
  • Spatial anticipation, planning and execution
  • Spatial attention and control
  • Spatial cognition and every-daily life
  • Spatial cognition, disability, and rehabilitation
  • Spatial imagery and representation
  • Time-space relationship
  • Universal design/spatialization of artefacts
  • Way-finding and navigation in Real and virtual spaces

Further and different topics are welcome.


  • Orienting attention in space: Externally and internally-driven attentional capture and voluntary control(Juan Lupiáñez)
  • Spatial reasoning for intelligent action and for human- robot interaction. (Christian Freksa)
  • Optimizing and satisficing in spatial problem-solving (Tom Ormerod)
  • Segmenting and Connecting Time and Space (Barbara Tversky)


  • Action and cognition: The role of gesture in symbolic spatial reasoning (Convenor: Thomas F. Shipley, Temple University).
  • Emotion, motivation and cognition in human wayfinding behavior (convenor: Francesca Pazzaglia, University of Padua)
  • Environmental determinants of orientation and navigation (Convenors: Christoph Hölscher, University of Freiburg; Anna-Maria Nenci, Lumsa, Rome; and Renato Troffa, University of Cagliari).
  • Music and spatial cognition (Convenor: Michel Imberty, University of Paris X).
  • Gaze and cognitive control in motor performance (Convenor: Joan Vickers, University of Calgary).
  • Spatial and cognitive awareness in human-sensors environments (Convenors: Tiziana Catarci, Massimo Mecella, University of Roma “La Sapienza”; and Marco Aiello, University of Groningen).
  • Spatial Language and Spatial Cognition (Convenor: Dedre Gentner, Northwestern University)
  • Spatial models meet spatial language: Computational and formal models for linguistic and spatial representations (Convenors: Joana Hois and Yohei Kurata, University of Bremen).
  • Spatiotemporal Music Cognition (Convenor: Petri Toiviainen, University of Jyväskylä).
  • The neurocognition of categorical and coordinate spatial relation processing (Convenors: Ineke van der Ham and Albert Postma, Utrecht University).
  • The promise and impact of technology in cognition and spatial negotiation (Convenors: Cathy Bodine, University of Colorado, and Marcia J. Scherer, University of Rochester)

Symposia will include 4-6 talk (20 minutes) given by international speakers invited by the convenor.

More Symposia proposals are welcome. Symposia proposals (including title, abstract and foreseen speakers) may be proposed by potential convenors until November 30, 2008. Proposal reception will be acknowledged.

Full proposal for Symposia, submitted according to this format, are due within January 31, 2009.

Scientific Committee

Marta Olivetti Belardinelli (“La Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy) – President, Demis Basso (University of Padua, Italy), Rossana De Beni (University of Padua, Italy), Stefano Federici (University of Perugia, Italy), Christian Freksa (University of Bremen, Germany), Emiliano Macaluso (Santa Lucia Foundation, Rome, Italy), Hanspeter Mallot (University of Tubingen, Germany), Albert Postma (University of Utrecht, Netherlands), Marcia Scherer (Rochester Medical Center, USA), Thomas Shipley (Temple University, USA), Barbara Tversky (Stanford University, USA), Cees Van Leeuwen (Riken Institute, Japan), Joan Vickers (University of Calgary, Canada).

Organizing Committee

Valerio Santangelo (President); Marta Olivetti Belardinelli; Fabiano Botta; Francesca Faiano; Maurizio Giorgio; Vincenzo Giorgio; Thomas Huenefeldt; Giulia Liberati; Fabio Meloni; Emanuele Pasqualotto; Claudia Pellegrini; Antonino Raffone; Selene Scozzafava; Wanda Sernia; Luca Simione; Giulio Tirinelli.


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