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Call for Papers

Types of contributions

Contributions are invited for symposia, oral papers, poster presentations and exhibitions of prototypes.
A maximum of two submissions per person will be accepted.

  • ORAL PAPERS held in the main conference room, will be grouped according to topic and will be followed by questions and discussion.
  • POSTERS having equal status to oral papers and appearing in the conference program and proceedings, will have discussion time-slots assigned to them.
  • SYMPOSIA will consist of a set of integrated oral papers related to a theme. Each symposium will consist of one or two 2-hour-sessions, each involving up to five presentations.
  • PROTOTYPE EXHIBITIONS will concern all possible applications of scientific data aiming at overcoming perceptual and motor deficits.

Abstracts submission:

Acceptance of Abstracts

The deadline for submission is JUNE 30, 2003.

A specific form (*.rtf) is available on this page, so you will be able to send it by e-mail to the address: submission@icsc2003.org including:



Corresponding Author Information:

  • Name of Author:
  • Contact Address:
  • E-mail address of Principal Author:
  • Phone No. (including dialling codes):
  • Fax No. (including dialling codes):
  • Organisation Represented

Abstract must contain:

  • Title;
  • Author(s);
  • Affiliations;
  • Keywords;
  • Abstract (200 words max);
  • Corrisponding Author references
  • Only text: pictures, graphical and multimedial objects are not allowed.


Notification of acceptance of proposed abstracts, will be issued by AUGUST 20, 2003.
Along with any recommendations in respect of the content, please note that final acceptance of posters and papers is subject to the registration of at least one author.

Final abstracts awarding to referee’s suggestion must be received by SEPTEMBER 20, 2003.