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Vincenzo Paparozzi Award 

Vincenzo Paparozzi

  1. Brief Bibliography Notes: Vincenzo Paparazzi was born in Rome on February 23, 1969. Vincenzo was 7 years old when doctors diagnosed him with Muscular Dystrophy. His life has been a special light for anyone who has met him, because of his dignity and strength in believing in the fundamental values of justice, equality and solidarity among different people. Vincenzo wanted strongly to be considered one of the guys, he fought against hypocrisy of pity, always ready to take care of whom he met along the way.

    Ritratto di Vincenzo Paparozzi

  2. Award Reasons: To honour him, the Organizing Committee of ICSC2003 decided to establish an award named after Vincenzo Paparozzi, the conference he was carrying on with his unforgettable enthusiasm.

  3. Criteria for the award: The award will be given to a young person who has been especially involved during the last years in the promotion of human rights of disabled people, and who himself has been living within a disability conditions.

  4. Who may be nominated: Anyone, involved in the organization of a network of services, who respects the human rights of people with disabilities, and who has  special human drive and ability to communicate (in any way), who has lived a life, with passion and determination, in promoting non-discriminatory values and equal opportunities of social participation, as an activist for human rights.

  5. Who will give the award: The awards will be given by Giampiero Griffo, President of Disabled Peoples International Europe.

  6. When: November 26, 2003 in the morning session.


 “To who with no limits nor conditions, always gives a positive contribution, to the generous ones, who loves us and makes us happy, whom we miss…..” Vincenzo Paparozzi


 “A chi senza limiti e condizioni, dà sempre un contributo positivo, ai generosi a chi ci vuole bene e ci rende felici, a chi ci manca…”  Vincenzo Paparozzi


Generoso Di Benedetto:  For his efforts within DPI Italia in the organization of a network of services that respect the human rights of people with disabilities, Generoso Di Benedetto adds his extraordinary human drive and his ability to communicate, to cheerfully embody and to bear witness with passion and determination of non-discriminatory values and of equal opportunities of social participation. In granting Generoso this award, we acknowledge a model activist for human rights in southern Italy.