Symposia (proposals accepted so far):

  • Number-space association: Insights from developmental, clinical and neuropsychological perspectives (Convenors: Isabel Arend & Sarit Ashkenazy)
  • No here without now: Temporal situatedness (Convenors: Yan Bao & Ernst Pöppel)
  • Anticipatory object interaction: perceptual and motor aspects (Convenors: Anna Belardinelli & Martin V. Butz)
  • Human behavior, design, and the built environment. The case of visuo-spatial cognition and computation (Convenor: Mehul Bhatt)
  • Language, action and space (Convenors: Anna Borghi & Luca Tummolini)
  • Situated cognition in the space of social interactions: from the bodily-self to shared spatial representations (Convenors: Matteo Candidi & Ilaria Bufalari )
  • Should we stay or should we go? Evidence from lab and field studies of convergent strategies in spatial decision-making by nonhuman primates (Convenors: Francine L. Dolins & Paul A. Garber)
  • Multimodal perspectives on spatial cognition (Convenor: Ken Forbus)
  • Spatial language and spatial cognition (Convenor: Dedre Gentner)
  • Motor perspectives on social interaction (Convenor: Claudia Gianelli)
  • Numbers in the eye of the beholder: What eye movements reveal about numerical cognition (Convenors: Matthias Hartmann & Martin Fischer)
  • Situated cognition and the philosophy of place (Convenors: Thomas Hünefeldt & Annika Schlitte)
  • Situated spatial cognition and social processing: body, emotions and interactions in space (Convenor: Tina Iachini)
  • How do numbers move mentally? The interplay between numerical cognition and multiple dimensions of space (Convenors: Luisa Lugli & Bodo Winter)
  • Eye movement-related brain activity in visuospatial information processing (Convenors: Andrey R. Nikolaev & Cees van Leeuwen)
  • Computing embodied architectures (Convenors: Athina Papadopoulou, Theodora Vardouli, & Cagri Zaman)
  • Architectural psychology and inhabited spaces: A multidisciplinary approach to improve quality of life (Convenor: Francesca Pazzaglia)
  • Situated cognition in the arts (Convenors: Anne Reboul & Bernard Guelton)
  • Synchronous movement, cooperation and the performing arts (Convenors: Daniel Richardson & Guido Orgs)
  • The body in space (Convenor: Martin Riemer)
  • Embodied space in architecture and neuroscience: measures and mechanisms (Convenors: Andrea Serino & Isabella Pasqualini)
  • Individual differences in spatial cognition using virtual objects and environments (Convenor: Jeanine K. Stefanucci)
  • Individual differences in wayfinding (Convenors: Ineke van der Ham, Jan Wiener, & Tobias Meilinger)
  • The quiet eye as an objective measure of situated and/or spatial cognition (Convenor: Joan N. Vickers)
  • Individual differences in navigating (Convenor: Steven M. Weisberg)
  • “Fictive motion” and situated cognition: How to resolve the tension? (Convenors: Jordan Zlatev & Benjamin Fagard)
  • Neurocomputational Approaches to Spatio-temporal Attention (Convenors: Luca Simione & Onofrio Gigliotta)

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