General Information

7th International Conference on Spatial Cognition (ICSC 2018)

Spatial Cognition in a Multimedia and Intercultural World

‘Sapienza’ University of Rome, September 10-14, 2018


Important deadlines

Symposium proposals:

December 20, 2017

Abstracts of talks, posters and single contributions to symposia:

February 18, 2018

Early registration:

May 31, 2018

Regular registration:

September 9, 2018

On-site registration will be possible cash at desk from September 10, 9 am.

The social dinner will take place on September 13th at the roofgarden restaurant ‘Les Etoiles’. Please note that prior reservation is required. In order to make a reservation, please complete the RESERVATION FORM. More on

Topics (related to the focus of ICSC 2018):
Attention and awareness; perception; memory; language; spatial concepts and representation; movement, action, and gesture; affordances; emotion; imagery and creativity; orienting, navigation and wayfinding; multimodal perspectives; embodiment; individual and gender differences; social cognition and interaction; development and aging; spatial testing; learning and education; clinical disorders; training and rehabilitation; numerical cognition; time-space relationships; neurocomputational modeling; virtual reality; artificial agents; human-computer interaction in dynamic environments; music, art and architecture; etc.
(Suggestions for further topics are welcome)



  • Marisa Carrasco (New York University)
  • Michael Corballis (University of Auckland)
  • Pierre Dasen (University of Geneva)
  • Alan Dix (Swansea University)
  • Christoph Hoelscher (ETH Zurich)
  • Robert K. Logan (University of Toronto)
  • Ernst Pöppel (University of Munich)
  • John K. Tsotsos (York University)



  • How do we make sense of space through its artistic representation? Space and embodiment in visual art
    (Convenors: Joanna Ganczarek and Nicole Ruta)
  • The Roles of Multimodality in Spatializing Reasoning and Learning
    (Convenors: Kenneth Forbus, Dedre Gentner, Susan Levine and Anthony Cohn)
  • Spatial representations: new perspectives for studying age-related differences
    (Convenors: Veronica Muffato, Chiara Meneghetti and Jan Wiener)
  • Mental Rotation, Part 1: Developmental Aspects of Mental Rotation 
    (Convenors: Petra Jansen and Claudia Quaiser)
  • Mental Rotation, Part 2: Correlates of Mental Rotation and Methodological Issues
    (Convenors: Claudia Quaiser-Pohl and Petra Jansen)
  • Beyond the video: naturalistic approaches to examining social motor behavior
    (Convenor: Arran Reader)
  • Individual differences in search and foraging
    (Convenors: Alastair Smith and Carlo De Lillo)
  • Cross-Cultural, Cross-Modal and Cross-Species’ Spatial Perception and Action in Virtual and Real Environments
    (Convenors: Francine Dolins, Mark Lindquist and Brent Chamberlain)
  • The nature of the space around the body: a comparison of real and virtual environments
    (Convenors: Tina Iachini and Gennaro Ruggiero)
  • From fieldwork to modelling: Explaining the variability of linguistic spatial referencing systems
    (Convenors: Roberta Rocca, Jonas Nölle and Michael Spranger)
  • The body in space
    (Convenors: Xaver Fuchs, Jörg Trojan, Christopher Milde, Konstantina Kilteni, Antonella Maselli and Luigi Tamè)
  • New issues in attentional control
    (Convenors: Stefano Lasaponara, Maria Casagrande and Fabrizio Doricchi)
  • Spatial and non-spatial representation of number magnitudes
    (Convenors: Fabrizio Doricchi and Wim Fias)
  • Minds. Movement. Moving Image (Part I): On Spatial Cognition and the Built Environment
    (Convenor: Mehul Bhatt)
  • Minds. Movement. Moving Image (Part II):On Visuo-Auditory Perception and the Moving Image
    (Convenor: Mehul Bhatt)
  • Spatial Cognition in Engineering Problem Solving
    (Convenors: Gavin Duffy and Sheryl Sorby)


Scientific Committee

Gladys Nyarko Ansah (Accra), Antonio Jesus Bandera Rubio (Malaga),  Yan Bao (Beijing), Anna Belardinelli (Tübingen), Paolo Belardinelli (Tübingen), Anna M. Borghi (Rome), Fabiano Botta (Paris), Riccardo Brunetti (Rome),  Matteo Candidi (Rome), Alessandro D’Ausilio (Pavia), Franco Delogu (Detroit), Michel Denis (Paris), Fabrizio Doricchi (Rome), Stefano Federici (Perugia), Martin H. Fischer (Potsdam), Ken Forbus (Evanston), Christian Freksa (Bremen), Joanna Ganczarek (Kraków), Dedre Gentner (Evanston), Sergei Gepshtein (Los Angeles), Klaus Gramann (Berlin), Stephen Hirtle (Pittsburgh), Tina Iachini (Naples), Alexander Klippel (State College), Andrea Marotta (Granada), Diana Martella (Santiago de Chile), Daniele Nardi (Charleston), Davide Nardo (London), Nora Newcombe (Philadelphia),  Massimiliano Palmiero (L’Aquila), Tina Pastorelli (Rome), Francesca Pazzaglia (Padua), Ernst Pöppel (Munich), Albert Postma (Utrecht), Anne Reboul (Lyon), Francesco Ruotolo (Lille), Valerio Santangelo (Perugia), Marcia Scherer (Syracuse), Annika Schlitte (Mainz), Luca Simione (Rome), Thora Tenbrink (Berlin), Barbara Tversky (Stanford), David Uttal (Evanston), Cees van Leeuwen (Leuven).

Local Organizing Committee

Ilaria Boncompagni, Salvatore Chiarella, Evangelina Dominguez, Antonino Esposito, Mariangela Gravina, Skaiste Gabriele Kerusauskaite, Mirjam Hartkamp, Vittorio Iacullo, Alessia Lo Grande, Maria Laura Mele, Roberta Meloni.

Presidential Board

Gabriella Antonucci, Maria Casagrande, Tiziana Catarci, Thomas Hünefeldt, Antonino Raffone
Marta Olivetti Belardinelli (Honorary President)

Conference Location

Faculty of Medicine and Psychology
Via dei Marsi, 78
00185 Rome Italy

Media Partners:

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