5th International Conference on Spatial Cognition: “Space and Embodied Cognition”. September 4-8, 2012; Rome (Italy)

We are pleased to announce the 5th International Conference on Spatial Cognition (ICSC2012). The conference will take place on September 4-8, 2012, and will be hosted by ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome.

This time the conference will be devoted to Space and Embodied Cognition, thus exploring the links between the general topic of the conference and an emergent paradigm of the cognitive sciences.

In order to facilitate interdisciplinary discussion and spread new, innovative research on spatial cognition, all space-related disciplines and approaches (behavioral, cognitive, computational, developmental, engineering, neuroanatomical, physiological, social, etc.) will be considered.

Past ICSC Conferences
ICSC 2009, September 14-19, 2009
ICSC 2006, September 12-15, 2006
ICSC 2003, November 24-26, 2003
ICSC 2000, December 14-16, 2000

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