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Keynote Lectures:

  • Alain Berthoz (Paris): Neural basis of changing perspective in spatial orientation and navigation. Implication for empathy
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  • Marc Ernst (Bielefeld): Human multi-sensory perception and action – Putting the puzzle together
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  • Luciano Fadiga (Ferrara): The motor framework of peripersonal space
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  • Karl Friston (London): Active inference and spatial cognition
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  • Michael Spivey (Merced): The spatial intersection of minds
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  • Spatial cognition in robotics. Convenors: Antonio Jesus Bandera Rubio & Ricardo Vazquez-Martin (Malaga, Spain)
  • Functional Subdivision of Perceptual Space in the Visual Field. Convenors: Yan Bao (Beijing, China) & Ernst Poeppel (Munich, Germany)
  • Motor and spatial cognition in minimally conscious states. Convenors: Niels Birbaumer (Tübingen, Germany) & Giulia Liberati (Roma, Italy)
  • Objects and action in the individual and social space: Affordances and embodied cognition. Convenor: Anna M. Borghi (Bologne, Italy)
  • Perception, memory and action in a multisensory space. Convenors: Franco Delogu & Ineke van DerHam (Utrecht, Netherlands)
  • Building spatial knowledge from language. Convenors: Michel Denis (Paris, France) & Marios Avraamides (Cyprus)
  • Space and embodied cognition of number and quantity. Convenor: Martin H. Fischer (Potsdam, Germany)
  • Spatial Strategies in Primates: Decision making in large-scale and small-scale space. Convenor: Paul A. Garber (Urbana, IL, USA) & Francine L. Dolins (Dearborn, MI, USA)
  • Peripersonal space: The boundary between body, objects and events. Convenor: Tina Iachini (Naples, Italy)
  • Bodily awareness and embodied mental transformations of egocentric space. Convenor: Klaus Kessler (Glasgow, UK)
  • Peripersonal space representation in the primate brain. Convenor: Elisabetta Làdavas (Bologna, Italy)
  • Perception and Representation of Vertical Spaces. Convenor: Daniele Nardi (Rome, Italy)
  • Multisensory and emotionalspace in art and science. Convenor: Isabella Pasqualini (Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Embodied aesthetics: Visual and sensorimotor components of aesthetic experience. Convenors: Luca F Ticini (Leipzig, Germany and Paris, France) & Cosimo Urgesi (Udine, Italy)
  • The role of body image and peripersonal space in pain. Convenor: Jörg Trojan (Mannheim, Germany)
  • Thinking with, in, and about space. Convenors: Susan Levine and Barbara Tversky (with Dedre Gentner and Susan Goldin-Meadow)
  • Learning with and about Spatial Visualization. Convenor: David Uttal (Evanston, IL, USA)
  • A probabilistic perspective on understanding spatial information processing in the mammalian brain. Convenor: Thomas Wolbers (Edinburgh, UK)

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Body awareness in spatial cognition and action
  • Bottom-up and top-down models of spatial cognition
  • Connectionist approaches to embodied spatial cognition
  • Cross-modal binding in embodied spatial cognition
  • Cultural differences in embodied spatial cognition
  • Dynamical systems approaches to spatial cognition
  • Embodied cognition of peripersonal and extrapersonal space
  • Embodied cognition and applied research
  • Embodied cognition, creativity and art
  • Embodied spatial cognition in development and aging
  • Embodied spatial cognition in disabilitity or mental disorder
  • Embodiment and sensorimotor behavior
  • Embodiment and virtual reality
  • Embodiment of spatial concepts and categorisations
  • Embodiment of spatial mental imagery
  • Gender differences in embodied spatial cognition
  • Neuropsychology of embodied spatial cognition
  • Number, quantity and embodied spatial cognition
  • Situated robotics
  • Space and embodied cognition of emotion
  • Space and embodiment in animal cognition
  • Space, time, and the continuity of mind
  • Spatial variables in embodied social cognition

Suggestions for further topics are welcome.

Scientific Committee

Marta Olivetti Belardinelli (President); Thomas Hünefeldt (President of the Organizing Committee); Antonio Jesus Bandera Rubio; Anna M. Borghi; Alessandro D’Ausilio; Franco Delogu; Michel Denis; Dina Di Giacomo; Stefano Federici; Ken Forbus; Christian Freksa; Dedre Gentner; Cecilia Guariglia; Stephen Hirtle; Christoph Hoelscher; Tina Iachini; Elisabetta Ladavas; Emiliano Macaluso; Hanspeter Mallot; Daniele Nardi; Davide Nardo; Nora Newcombe; Massimiliano Palmiero; Francesca Pazzaglia; Albert Postma; Alberto Priori; Antonino Raffone; Valerio Santangelo; Marcia Scherer; Kerstin Schill; Werner Schneider; Thomas Shipley; Narayanan Srinivasan; Boris Suchan; Barbara Tversky; Cees van Leeuwen.

Organizing Committee

Marta Olivetti Belardinelli, Thomas Hünefeldt (President of the Organizing Committee), Simona Di Francesco, Alessandro Giannandrea, Maurizio Giorgio, Ola Hussein, Federica Mauro, Maria Laura Mele, Gisella Micciantuono, Linda Pecoriello, Angela Riccio, Giulio Tirinelli, Luca Simione, Rosanna Vignola

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